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Accept online payments from today!​

Avoid hidden costs and pay only when you have a sale!

online payment acceptance

Easy and quick integration, no hidden costs, Checkout is the perfectand safe online payment acceptance solution for your online business.

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Instant settlement of funds

No subscription fee

24/7/365 payments acceptance

Peace of mind with a completely safe process

myPOS Checkout simplifies your online payments by managing the entire payment process from the time your customers wish to make a purchase to the completed purchase.


Your customers will be taken to a secure page or online payment gateway that has been fully built to make their payment using their card.


It’s the ideal solution for your online store.

Payment Request

An innovative online payment feature which enables you to remotely accept payments from your customers, remotely. You don’t need to have a website or process and store card information – we take care of that.


You can send a Payment Request through multiple channels – your myPOS account, myPOS terminal device or myPOS mobile app for iOS and Android.

You get paid instantly

You lower your costs by saving on excessive fees

You don’t even need a website to receive payments

You can keep track of all your Payment Requests

MO/TO virtual terminal
take card payments online and by phone.

Benefits for a business that uses a МО/ТО Virtual Terminal to take card payments by email or over the phone:


Usable on any device. For your computer, phone, or tablet so you can take your business wherever you go. All you need is an internet connection.


Transactions can be tracked in real-time and from any location. You do this with myPOS Mobile app.


Specific access can be granted to employees so they can take payments, too. 


Processing Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions directly from your account.


No software to install. No complex integration, expensive resources or additional software/hardware required.


Once the payment is completed, the money instantly arrives in your secure myPOS merchant account. From there, you can make transfers, or you can withdraw cash and pay worldwide with your business card.

Online solutions

Accept payments online for free. 

Avoid hidden costs and pay only a small transaction fee when you make a sale! 

1.30 % + € 0.20 fee per transaction

Payment options:


Payment tag

Payment tags are user-friendly payment links for multiple use. Create and name your Payment tag URL with or without a payment amount and send it to your customers using any chat app, SMS, e-mail, or social media. The payment is settled online through a simple to use checkout page. Clients can also select payment amounts and provide reasons for the payment.


QR payment

QR code payments are made in the presence of a customer who needs to scan the code with their mobile device. You can generate a QR code via your account (app or desktop) or via your smart POS device. Let clients scan & pay easily with their phone.


PayButton & PayLink

Generate multiple use payment links or buttons with fixed amounts. Drop your link in emails, SMSs, share it on social media or YouTube video - whatever you consider the best way to reach your customers. Avail of easy-to-generate payment buttons for your website or blog - simply embed the button code and place it where needed to sell your product or service.

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