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Know more about newest advantages of POS terminals

Accept all type of payments with no obligations and monthly fees already. Open a free EU merchant bank account for your company and start accepting payments. The Smart Pay team will help you for free in all questions - when opening a bank account and in choosing the most suitable POS terminal. We provide customer support and service.

In this article you will learn more about the main advantages of POS terminals offered by Smart Pay. Let's talk about the following topics more detail:

1. Free merchant bank account

2. Funds available 24/7/365

3. POS terminal without any obligation

4. POS terminals are mobile and work in all European countries

Free merchant bank account

By registering in the online bank myPOS, you will get a Bulgarian IBAN account. You will be able to manage your bank account in the internet bank from the mobile phone app and from the computer. It is a bank merchant account to which the companies VISA card will be attached and will have possibility to connect a POS terminal as well. You will also be able to perform all the necessary functions on a daily basis, such a loading reports, creating invoices, etc. Opening a bank account is free of charge - EUR 0.00 and henceforth also without monthly and annual account service fees. Opening a bank merchant account is possible for legal entities and performers of economic activity (self-employed, sole traders, etc.). Open account

Funds available 24/7/365

By accepting payments with any of the payment acceptance methods, such as with a POS terminal, you will receive money on your company's bank account in few seconds. Also, these funds will be immediately available on your merchant bank account, including holidays and public holidays.

POS terminal without any obligation

Choose the most suitable POS terminal model for you. When purchasing it, you pay once for it and it remains your property. The POS terminal set includes - terminal, SIM card and VISA card. There is no charge for the terminal, SIM card and VISA card, that is, no monthly and annual fees. Only commission will be charged for each transaction. You can view all POS terminal types in the Smart Pay offer - POS terminal.

POS terminals are mobile and work in all European countries

Upon receiving the POS terminal, you will activate it in your myPOS bank account. No additional devices are required for its operation. With this terminal you can accept all types of payments both in-store and on delivery. The SIM card in the terminal ensures permanent connection anywhere and in any European country. If you want to accept payments in any other country in Europe, you can safely do so and no additional costs will be applied.

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